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Were it not for a hard cock, one would never even know he was aroused. He agreed to launch right into our selected role play. I was nervous as hell but got ready to play my part as I pulled up to his house. I knocked on the door, he answered, wearing a lab coat. "I'm here for my appointment." I say, he acknowledges this and. Teaspoon :: LemonyTARDIS Penny. Age: 29. Hello Guys It never gets boring. Back then it was all about exploration and childhood curiosity. Let's Play Doctor, The guide. By Doctor John. As a very young boy, I was forced by female nurses to submit to rectal temperature procedures. Even as a man into his late THE PURPOSE - This is a "medical" examination for the purposes of: fully inspecting and probing the Patients body for mutual pleasure, measuring and. Rachele. Age: 27. Chienne cathy Playing Doctor People who bought Play Doctor Videos liked what they saw! They were also willing to pay the $$ price for quality medical fetish material. After all, that's what Beth Tyler and other BDSM/Fetish producers were charging and it was a specialty niche market product. Play Doctor thought that maybe he should make. Aug 26, - WARNINGS: Smut, Lemons, Explicit Sex, Medical Fetish, Medical Kink, Medical Setting, Clinical Jargon, Dubious Medical Techniques, Playing Doctor, Foreplay, BDSM, Domination, Submission, Bondage, Role-play, Power-play, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Play, Anal Fingering, Stething, Needles, Toys.

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Darling. Age: 25. merci May 25, - Great being the doctor. My wife and I have a wonderful sex life. It never gets boring. Take the other night for example. My wife was in the shower, cleaning off the sweat of the day, and preparing for our nighttime activities. I spent the time preparing a few things in the bedroom adjoining the bath and was. My stories are not for those vanilla in the bedroom. However, if 'Medical Feel free to use my material as inspiration for your own medical fetish-based fics. I'd love to read Rose Tyler lets the Doctor live up to his name and give her a medical examination, which escalates into something much more. TenxRose. Drose. Mar 18, - Are you thinking about "playing doctor" with a lover? Maybe you need a bad nurse to teach you a lesson. Find out ways to explore the medical fetish for pleasure.


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