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Our star "little person" working the crowd as the ultimate chips and salsa server. Roger also gets booked as. Organization for short people blasts restaurant featuring dwarf server Lara. Age: 30. I am a VIP escort and massage goddess who adores traveling and getting to know a very select few " friends " -I require screening, but I promise it will be quick and easy Vak Services Cleaning Bay View. Dec 13, - The staff will include midgets who will pass the chips and salsa via over-sized sombreros on their heads. Mama had midgets, and to honor her we want to do the same." Hence, her army of midget waiters, who as business began to thrive, began to wear nachos on their hats to save trips to the kitchen. Lina. Age: 26. Im independent and discreet In Bars & Clubs A new Milwaukee restaurant that features a dwarf serving nachos and salsa from amodified sombrero on his head has met with outrage from a spokesman for shorter people. The restaurant The idea to feature dwarves with chips and salsa on their heads came from a moviecalled "Johnny Be Good," Vassallo said. Nice enough tootzies but always gumming the works. Above the blue eyes was a fine black hole the size of a suit button. The midget was studying the bright jewel affixed to the dead man's left ear when a beefy flatfooted bozo in a black hat lumbered in with bullets blazing. Ice chips flew. The midget, dodging one way and.

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Alyssa. Age: 29. Hello Handsome! rideability.info We used them to hire a midget to walk around our party in a cowboy costume. His hat was a tortilla chip shaped like a sombrero with a bowl of salsa in the crevice. Little $#@!er pulled his toy guns out everytime you said thank you. Cutest thing you ever saw. Crime ยท Counterfeiters working out of a church are creating phony $20 bills and passing them around L.A. Even Ponch receives some of the fake bills. . When the green car driven by Jerry Borgman crashes when leaving the gas station, he loses a hub cap from the right side (the front passenger side) but in all later shots. Aug 11, - Remember the 4-footinch man tooling around Nacho Mamma's restaurant in a sombrero filled with chips and salsa? Well, Steve Vento's back on the scene, this time as the owner of a new downtown dance club, Ripples on Water.


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