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You suffer from midget phobia when you feel awkward and alarmed when you see a little person standing before you. Anna, a sufferer says that there was a dwarf keeper in her school who usually behaved very badly with the students. Still now Susan has midget phobia and she hates the. Achondroplasiaphobia | Anxiety Community Forum Samia. Age: 22. my name is cheyenne. I'm an very open minded dear girl who loves spending time with a passionate man who knows how to treat a lady and who truly enjoy spoiling a beautiful young woman. I know a small person he builds robots tho. Do you already have an account? Michael shows granny some pictures of midgets and she runs away! Hahahaha! Josie. Age: 30. I am outgoing and sociable personality, active lifestyle How do I combat my fear of midgets & dwarves?!!? Granny Has a Fear of Midgets - Duration: Mark Liebrand 8, views ยท MIDGETS SCARE ME. Jul 16, - Achondroplasiaphobia is the fear of little people or midgets. It is also called Nanosophobia or Lollypopguildophobia. The word Achondroplasiaphobia is derived from the medical term 'Achondroplasia' which is a skeletal disorder of the cartilage that forms during the fetal stage. This condition leads to.

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Richelle. Age: 18. I am Angel Love, natural girl "Doc, I have a fear of being bitten on the kness by little people. Can you help?" Doc--"You have what is called Lollipopguildophobia. You must also avoid playing ping pong against these so called little people, they have a slight advantage!" #fear#dwarf#midget#phobia#lollipop#guild#lolly#little people. by Dorthy from. Jul 3, - Yes, there is a phobia that means scared of clowns. It is called Coulrophobia. It doesn't particularly mean "Fear of MIDGET clowns." but it means the fear of clowns in general. Feb 13, - Many councellors have had good success rates in helping people get rid of phobias. I did see on an episode of the Maury show, a segment about fears and phobias. The councellor on that show had the "patients" face their fears. Maybe the best way to get over the phobia is to interact with this "little" person.


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