Condom inside vagina

Mar 8, - First things first, that condom needs to come out of your vagina. At first you might not even realize the condom is inside of you, the way you don't feel a tampon after you insert it all the way in. Try taking out the condom yourself and try different positions, standing up, on all fours, on leg on the toilet, etc. What If the Condom Slipped Off During Sex? Mirra. Age: 30. My name is Alex (29 yo Enter this information in the menstrual cycle calculator and see if you were fertile at that time. I am going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow. If your partner's condom comes off inside of you, it most likely is lodged near the top of vaginal canal near the cervix. In order to gain better access, trying propping one foot up on a chair and using your fingers to retrieve the condom. Don't forget to wash your hands first, then stick your fingers inside and feel around to see if. Ashli. Age: 29. If your area is not listed email for info What If the Condom Slipped Off During Sex? The condom cannot go any further than the top of your vagina. In most cases, if the condom is actually stuck you won't be able to feel it from the inside in the same way you can't always feel a tampon after insertion. However, you may still be able to reach inside your vagina with a few fingers and pull the condom out. Apr 22, - And one of those stresses is when the condom gets stuck inside. Yeah, not a lot It doesn't happen all that often, but if it does, you should know what to do if the condom is stuck inside. Cosmopolitan noted that if a condom gets stuck in you, it's probably somewhere between your vaginal canal and cervix.

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Josephine. Age: 21. Age: 21 May 15, - If you don't see it, you or your partner can gently put a finger in the vagina to find it. Once it's found, pull it out. If it looks like a piece is missing, continue searching for the rest of the condom by having her squat or prop one foot up while standing. If you're unable to find the whole condom, contact her doctor or. I'm sorry to hear that this happened! Many times, it is possible to reach up into the vagina with your fingers and extract the condom yourself. It is.


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