You spank it you tank it

Dear trigger-happy DPS: I'm the tank. I've asked you once or twice to let me pull in regular Grim Batol. Yes, it's a cakewalk when I'm an 85, but I'm neurotic and like to be in control. You kept doing it. Much of out trash fights were spent me fighting you for aggro rather than interrupting. "You pull it, you tank it." [Votekick Venting] : wow Sasha. Age: 24. I speak very good English and you will feel at ease with me as soon as we meet Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I haven't heard that in a long time. Joined December 4, ; Whoopin everythnig and all things. More Posts. See More Items. you spank it you tank it. 10 years ago. looking for all players of WoW. add meeeee! No mods. 0. Share. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · Tumblr. Comments (0). All-Time Favorites. Volume 4, Chapter 1: The Next Step. Melanie. Age: 21. eyes: blue Tank and spank It's really not the problem it used to be, heck on the rshm (70) in leveling right now I'll often pull while the group is fighting the last pull. I can 1 shot any mob with flame shock, lavablast x2. Rest of mobs get picked up by tank aoe, rinse repeat. Times have changed, you spank it, you tank it isn't really a threat in. Feb 13, - Mezzing >> Velious you spank it you tank it! Server Chat.

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Ella. Age: 25. I am lovely attractive, classy and friendly Jul 31, - I believe I have found the problem. Ask yourself if you are working on TODAY'S DAILY, or if you are working to complete a PREVIOUS DAY'S DAILY. I am finding that you need to pick up a fresh 5/5 quest from Utilla East every day. If you try to complete the quests from a previous day's 5/5 quest, some of the. Support Tank Spank on Steam Greenlight: Mad Head Games is. 1st thing the tank says "You spank it, U tank it". Is that something you *don't* want to hear from your tank? Sounds like any sensible tank if you ask me. I say that all the time, only rephrased to "You pull, you tank". I've said that so many times I'm considering macroing it. That obviously doesn't count if I ask.


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