Gecko sperm plug

When I went to give my little 3 legged gecko Pi a Bath I realized that the dirt around his vent was really the. Possible impaction or sperm plugs? Kacy. Age: 23. I am a young, vivacious, sexually liberated seductress from Sydney, Australia We have this very handsome veiled named Botero. I'm giving this information on my experience to help Sandy out in particular. Jul 1, - I was able to pull back on the lower edge of the vent just enough to see the typical tan and brown signs of sperm plug. So, any ideas on how to get these out? I don't really feel that sperm plugs warrant a trip to the vet unless there is no other recourse. They would probably insist on putting him under generalĀ  Blood in urate + sperm plugs. Mia. Age: 28. Dear Visitors Ease out impacted sperm plugs? Nov 1, - My geckos are growing up, and I think I finally need to brush up on some gecko sex-ed:roll: My male crested gecko Jack is years old, 32 g. I have seen him ejaculate a few times, and the sperm was usually pretty liquid. Tonight I cleaned his tub and found two strands of very thick, white and gelatinous. Nov 14, - Hey everyone. New to the site so i hope I've made it to the right place. I have what might be either impaction or a sperm plug going on with my Needs HELP! with Leopard Gecko possible impaction.

Cockhead sperm my vagina

Leonora. Age: 29. I not only beautiful but intelligent charming and a delightful warm friendly personality Hey all, my leo has a sperm plug any ideas how to remove it? I know over there (I'm from Malaysia) you guys go to the vet for most of the stuff rideability.infor Chameleon - Substance hanging from vent, dull. Feb 14, - Hey guys! Just a moment ago I saw Sushi trying to clean his vent, and while doing so two white blobs where sticking out. He couldn't get them off, I kind of panicked and gave him a paper towel bath to help him out. Not sure if thats the right thing to do if its a sperm-plug-situation but thats all I could think of. Aug 8, - A Question of Retained Sperm. Pangea Forums - It looks like a female gargoyle gecko that RhacHouse is working with has produced babies with retained sperm from a male that she was with over a year read more. TurtleTimes. Jul 9,


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