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Updated: February 15, am -: Rated: Adult + -: Chapters: 91 -: Reviews: 1 -: Dragon prints: Located: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Draco. This first set of stories cover incidents that are supposed to have happened whilst Harry was attending Hogwarts. You will now be reading subsequent  ‎Harry Potter · ‎The Corruption of Lily Potter · ‎Pokemon · ‎Search Archive. Harry Potter Porn Chapter 1: Damn showers, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Claudina. Age: 26. We might both find that our encounter might be beyond expectations and it will become over years a precious memory. Harry took his time, watching as Hermione tried to muffle her moans, watching as the pink silk grew a slight wet spot of darkened hue. However, he would probably have left her alone, a dirty, slutty Mudblood. Harry Potter and Teenage Sex Not only was Harry going to be spending time with his best friend Ron and his sister Ginny, whom he secretly had a crush on, he also got to see Hermione who .. Using just one hand to now hold himself up over her lithe frame, Ron used his free hand to snake down between their bodies. Leigh. Age: 24. tina 35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy Jul 8, - Chapter One. Room Outside a single door stood the tall frame of Ron Weasley clutching a stack of books and parchment and quills. His blue eyes stared at the generic dormitory doors marked with plain, tarnished room numbers and he sighed disappointedly. I've never been up here before. And while. Apr 28, - Hermione and Harry have always been good friends, but Harry decides to try and take it a step further with some magical fun. Erotic one-shot HarryxHermione piece. Contains It was like how Grawp grabbed her in the forest when she first met him with his half-brother, Hagrid - she could not break free.

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Alexia. Age: 19. i dont make video calls- please dont waste my time Jul 13, - Harry was just awakening as the sun peaked through the boy's dormitory window. Damn it another day of classes, he thought. He trudged out of bed and heard the other boys groan at the morning. Where is the frickin bathroom in this place, you know it's never mentioned in my damn books. He mumbled. Aug 11, - The following is a guest post by our affiliate Erin Emily Ann Vance at Honey Pot Literary Miscellany So you like Harry Potter. You're an adult, who ALSO likes. Summary: In a world of hatred, he needs a pack of his own. Love, lust, rage. A young wolf trying to discover were he belongs in the world, even if he needs to make his own place. "don't you remember when we were young and want to set the world on fire" Harry Fleur/Daph/Herm (earlier chapters are being re-edired and.


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