Dick cheyneys postion on torture

Dec 16, - Former Vice President Dick Cheney offered a spirited defense of CIA interrogation tactics used in the wake of the Sept. of the techniques that were authorized by the president were, in effect, blessed by the Justice Department opinion that we could go forward with those without, in fact, committing torture. Backing C.I.A., Cheney Revisits Torture Debate From Bush Era - The New York Times Angela. Age: 30. Hello, my name is Sarah The rhetoric of torture would have you believe that you are safer as a result, but the truth is the exact opposite. Dec 14, - On “Meet the Press” Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney wouldn't budge on the Bush administration's program of what a Senate report says was the president were, in effect, blessed by the Justice Department opinion that we could go forward with those without, in fact, committing torture,” he said. Cherrie. Age: 20. Real and accurate photos Dick Cheney defends America's use of torture, again, in new book Dec 14, - Former Vice President Dick Cheney mounted a spirited rebuttal to the Senate committee's torture report, saying there was no comparison between the He denied that waterboarding and related interrogation tactics were torture, noting that three of the last four attorneys general have agreed with his view. Dec 15, - Declaring that he would “do it again in a minute,” Cheney insisted that he had “no problem as long as we achieve our objective.” Dick Cheney's belief in the value of torture—and his determination to stick with a position that is as strategically indefensible as it is morally reprehensible—is contrary to the.

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Memphis. Age: 29. I love to learn to know new cultures and countries. Sport is also very important for me.a candle light dinner, champagne bubbles, light conversation and laughs with someone special are by far this woman's favorite aphrodisiac. Dec 15, - Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday on “Meet the Press” that the “enhanced interrogation techniques” weren't torture. So, reasonably, “Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd asked him to give his definition of what would constitute torture. Here's what Cheney said. Dec 15, - After Mr. Cheney's appearance on Sunday's “Meet The Press”—where he employed twisted rationales coupled with outright, provable and painful lies to support his position on torture—finding a commentator from either side of the aisle willing to give credibility to Cheney, let alone those from the left, should. Dick Cheney remains one of the champions of the torture program. Cheney was told that "'major threats were countered and attacks averted' because of the use of the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques;" that “the CIA interrogation program 'had produced significant intelligence information that had, in the view of CIA.


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