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Tamakeri (玉蹴り) (lit. ball kicking) or Ballbusting is a sexual fetish and subgenre of BDSM within which a man's testicles are abused. The genre is also referred to as ballbusting ("bb" for short). Originally popular in Japan, it has now spread all over the world. Tamakeri is the Japanese term, but it is used by many  ‎History · ‎First wave (s–) · ‎Third and current wave. The Escapist : Forums : Off-topic Discussion : Empathy, Women, and Getting Kicked in the Crotch Diamond. Age: 29. Important Notice: She smiles while doing it. Losses the fuck up girls. Jun 4, - A number of online sites confirm that Tamakeri is the practice of men receiving kicks in the testicles for sexual pleasure (such as the Kicked In The Groin website), and also appears in Japanese films (such as the horror film Horny House of Horror). The practice os also referred to in two more books I have. Sienna. Age: 28. Gilr who offer GFE and much more just here to make you feel worm and welcome,i assure make you feel comfortable and at ease That’s My Fetish: Getting Punched in the Balls Experiment with yourself to grasp how much pain you can handle (be gentle and let the progression take some time so you can enjoy this fetish for a longer time) before letting anyone do Groin Shots, Explained If you do decide to take the fantasy into reality endure you find someone who knows how to kick you correctly. As to the question of the topic: I think since both men and women have many sensitive nerve endings in their crotch, a solid kick to either is gonna hurt . I doubt my brother would appreciate them so much if he felt the pain of getting hit in the crotch himself, but hey, maybe he has some kind of weird fetish.

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Emilia. Age: 22. Hello Gentlemen! Therefore a kick to the groin is a far greater issue than a slap to the face, and considering females kick males in the groin far more than males kick . And to the guy who said take it like a man, I suspect you in fact are also one of the people who has a fetish for it, and are tryin to encourage/provake the. I'm hoping to do a real life survey to better understand the psychology behind why girls like kicking guys in the nuts. Below are a few -How many kicks do you think it would take for you to knock a guy down? -Care to test that lol survey my arse you got a fetish for getting kicked in the balls. I'm gonna let. I have been into the s/m scene for over 20 years and have seen many a girl kick a guy in the groin, and really enjoy it. I only wish some nice pretty girl would e-mail me and let me know that they want to experiment on me. That would be great. I have a boot fetish too which would hurt a lot more. So come on girls "Kick me.


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